About Texbrod
It began in
Morocco in the early 1937 when the founder of Texbrod lover tissues, began marketing fabrics from France to Morocco. After a few years of experience, he has acquired the knowledge and mature enough to open his own business fabric wholesale France.

Then in 1973 the company Texbrod appeared in the heart of Paris. In one of the most important traditional multiethnic neighborhood of textile manufacture the 2nd arrondissement of Paris. Fabrics that will market will no longer be of French origin but from Asia.

This contractor, attached to family values​​, decides to leave his business to his son. This will modernize the company by offering more modern products and air time. Over the years, his children, from an early age is steeped in the world of tissue, must take control of the company and is the eldest who takes responsibility. It brings value to the company, as decided in 2010 to create a creative department, enabling it to customize printed at the request of its customers.

texbrod company specializes in the marketing of wholesale fabrics, especially for manufacturers of ready-to-wear or, on a larger scale for the central purchasing.

With real experience in the textile, the company was able to leverage its expertise and know-be to become a benchmark in tissues. The quality and originality of its products as well as customer satisfaction remains a priority.

The trajectory of Texbrod has evolved according to the demands and constraints of the business. Control company now importing textile mainly from China and Korea. In addition, for three years, its business has diversified. It has the same among its staff a department dedicated to the creation of design of all kinds, using them for taste and color of its customers. This new business allows its customers to have an exclusive on a product, choose print, material, and so remain in perfect harmony with current trends.